Kidney Flush Tea Blend 150 grams

This kidney flush blend helps to flush out the kidneys so your body can effectively detoxify itself. 150 grams will give you a 2-week regimen good for two to three people. Or, keep it safe in an air-tight container for your personal solo use, twice a year. Best used twice a year — for 2 weeks after the holidays for your New Year health regimen, and for 2 weeks after summer vacation to boost immune system support for the latter half of the year.

Do not use if you have kidney or liver disease. 

Ingredients: Dandelion + Lotus Leaf + Ginger

Serving Information
200 grams ~ 40 - 50 Servings
100 grams ~ 20 - 25 Servings 
50 grams ~ 10 Servings
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