Endometriosis Relief Tea Blend

The endometriosis blend acts to calm the reproductive system, stabilize hormones, and relieve symptoms of pain. This blend also provides an intense detox of excess hormones and toxins from the system. A popular blend that supported our founder on her journey to becoming endometriosis-free!

How to use: Best taken 1-2x a day until pack is finished. There is no need to stop taking the tea when you are on your menses, it is best to continue drinking through your period.

Ingredients: Mugwort + Lavender + Marigold + Fig + Dandelion + Raspberry leaves + Linseed


Serving Information
200 grams ~ 40 - 50 Servings
100 grams ~ 20 - 25 Servings 
50 grams ~ 10 Servings
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